10 Things People Who Hit Their Fitness Goals Do

There’s a lot of talk of goal setting when it comes to exercise and it’s dead right that knowing what you want to achieve is HUGE. But let’s face it, who hasn’t set goals at one time or other? Many people set targets at least once per year (usually in January) and just weeks later they’ve got totally off course.

So let’s take a look at what people who actually hit their fitness goals do to make it happen.

1. They know what their goals are

People who hit their fitness goals know where they want to end up. They’re able to visualize achieving the results they want. They either write their goals down or tell the world about them … or both.

2. They know why they want to achieve their goals

It’s not enough to know WHAT they want. People who meet their goals know WHY they’re willing to work hard to achieve them. They have a specific reason for doing what they do which drives them forward and keeps them motivated.

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3. They make a realistic plan

They are able to create a realistic set of strategies for achieving their fitness goals. They set the bar high … but not so high that they aren’t able to reach it. Small successes, to them, are still worth celebrating.

4. They leverage accountability

People who hit their fitness goals also use public accountability to keep them on track. They aren’t afraid to post about their goals and progress on social media. They use accountability to sidestep excuses and work hard even when they don’t feel like it.

5. They take action

They don’t just set goals and create plans: they act on them. They do what they say they’re going to do. They understand it’s impossible to meet fitness goals if you don’t get up and do your workouts when you’re supposed to.

6. They consider their goals when making choices in daily life

People who meet their goals always have their goals in mind, even when they aren’t working out. They consciously consider whether or not the choices they make will affect their fitness. They know eating that snack food won’t give them the energy they need for tomorrow’s workout, or that staying up late might make them too tired to exercise the next day.

7. They are consistent

They keep consistent with their workouts from week to week. They don’t skip days or give up because it’s too hard or they aren’t performing at their best. They create a schedule and they stick to it. But they don’t expect to always be perfect…

8. They ditch perfectionism

People who meet their fitness goals don’t stress over being perfect. They see perfectionism as an obstacle that fuels excuses and gets in the way of making good progress. They focus on results, not whether or not every workout is the best it has ever been.

9. They track and monitor their progress

Progress, and keeping track of it, are the keys to fitness success. People who hit their goals keep track of where they are compared to where they started. They focus on improving gradually over time, and continue working hard even when seeing results takes more time than expected.

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10. They believe they can achieve their goals

People who hit their fitness goals do so because they believe they can. They crush self-doubt and procrastination by exercising even when their brains try and convince them it’s not worth it. They believe the work they’re doing matters, and that it is and will continue to make a difference in their lives.

You can be a person who hits their fitness goals, too. All you have to do is keep these things in mind at all times. Don’t get discouraged when you’re having a hard time. Keep going.

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