“The benefits of exercising go far beyond a lean & defined body.”


Julia’s road to a media career wasn’t a straight one. She quit school at 16 (largely because of her hatred for PE!) and drifted into running her own catering business. Five years later, she landed a job answering the phone at BBC Radio Stoke.

Keen to learn as much as possible, Julia started preparing cues for presenters and quickly developed her skills as a writer. She was then offered a job in London, where digital media was the new hot thing. As an editor of a teenage girls’ website, Julia worked on health-related subjects and enjoyed communicating with the young audience.

Returning to the BBC, Julia became the editor of one of Europe’s biggest pages for teenagers – her career was developing faster than she had ever hoped.  

However, life took an unexpected turn as Julia started struggling with depression.


After taking six months off work, Julia was still searching for ways to improve her wellbeing. Running came into her life as a way of alleviating the symptoms of depression and it quickly turned out to be the missing link. Despite never having been sporty, Julia started going faster and further. It suddenly seemed like there was no limit to what her body could do. She ran her first marathon less than a year after taking up the sport.

Julia kept pushing herself and in 2010 completed the famous Lakeland 50, one of Europe’s best ultra marathons. However, in the weeks that followed, she experienced extreme fatigue and struggled to recover.

In the meantime, she developed a new career as a freelance journalist covering running, fitness and diet. To add gravitas to her writing, she obtained a Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma.



While studying for her PT qualification, Julia realised how passionate she felt about sharing her fitness knowledge beyond her writing. She experimented with different ways of exercising and developed a regime that saw her get fitter and stronger than ever before.

With a much more varied training schedule of shorter but more intense workouts, Julia’s extreme fatigue became a thing of the past. Her body also burned fat at a much faster rate and she noticed how a diverse exercise plan was key to building a truly athletic and healthy body.

Julia started developing unique training programmes for her growing client base and was approached by one of Britain’s top publishing houses. Her 12-week programme “The Fat Burn Revolution” became a fitness bestseller.

Now Julia is devoted to helping thousands of people through her online gym which allows her to reach out to more and more individuals ready to change their bodies and lives.


(Picture: Julia aged 23, before she started working out)

Julia is living proof that you don’t need to have a sporty background to get into phenomenal shape! Her carefully planned workouts are incredibly efficient for burning fat, sculpting lean muscle and building athletic performance. Plus, along the way, Juila will coach you to develop a better relationship with your body.  

Julia’s programmes are designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time, and most training sessions can be completed in 30-40 minutes. Within this short time, Julia will push you to your limit, so you can feel better than ever and achieve that lean, defined body you’ve always wanted.

Although many of Juila’s workouts are challenging and intense, most are adjustable to suit all fitness levels and all can be done at home. It’s the perfect solution – whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or want to boost your performance in running, cycling or team sports.

Dedicated to your transformation and progress
A published fitness journalist and author
First-hand experience going from fitness zero to hero
Qualified Personal Trainer with a no-nonsense approach
Advocating body positivity and self-acceptance
Experience in long distance running



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