Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #5

This is final session in my 5-day Fat Burn Bootcamp.

But really it’s only the beginning. I have given you plenty of options to advance the exercises in these workouts so I hope you’ll repeat the programme at least a few times so you can experience the amazing changes that happen when you give your body the opportunity to adapt to and progress in this way of training.

I mentioned at the beginning that I’m wondering whether to produce more videos like these. So please tell me what you’ve liked about this series, what has made the most difference for you and what you’d like me bring you more of. You can let me know via the social media links at the foot of this email – as always, I’d LOVE to see your photos too.

I really want to share this continuing journey with you and to keep following your progress. It’s often a few weeks into a training routine when the most exciting changes usually occur, so bear that in mind and stay focused through the weeks ahead.

The difference between people who succeed in their fitness goals and those who don’t is usually all about consistency.

The key is not to only exercise on days when you feel all pumped and motivated, but to resovel to train whether you feel inspired to that day or not.

You know, progress doesn’t really care whether you feel motivated or not, it only cares that you do what it takes to manifest it.

Just keep getting it done and not only will the results come, you’ll feel inspired more often too.

My final tip is this: Hang in there. You’ve got this.

You know what you need to do. Let’s get on and do it.

Don’t forget to come see me when you’re done!

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