Benefits of training with a gym ball

An intense fat burning, abs chiseling bootcamp video is below this post. (But before you dive right in with the exercises, get to know how they target the most important parts of your body.)

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The humble gym ball is known by many names: stability ball, Swiss ball and exercise ball are all the same huge, inflatable thing. If you don’t have one, I strongly recommend you get one. They’re widely available online for around the price of a fancy coffee and a sandwich.

Once you inflate it at home it does take a some space but… it can double as a chair. 😉 Contrary to popular opinion, there’s no scientific proof that sitting on it is healthy for your back, but it’s certainly fun.

The gym ball is a great tool for exercising at any level, used by professionals from physiotherapists in injury rehabilitation to athletes working on enhancing their core strength, balance and body awareness.

Whether you’re a rookie or a serious fitness fanatic, the gym ball will make a great addition to your home set up.

Perhaps counterintuitively, the ball’s instability is its greatest advantage. For example, chest flies on a bench work primarily your pecs (pectoralis major, the two fan shaped muscles on your chest), while taking it to the ball activates your core for an additional burn. The benefits include healthier spine and leaner abs.

Chest flyes. Source: Wikipedia

In life, movements isolating particular muscles are extremely rare, and unless you’re a bodybuilder, or coming back from a particular injury, isolating muscle isn’t very beneficial. The gym ball forces your large muscle groups to teamwork, so that you gain greater confidence and control over your body. If you’re working on fat loss, this has the added bonus of burning more calories!

I know the gym ball isn’t very fashionable right now, but trust me, it’s coming back with a bounce!

So, without further ado, I present you with a great, half an hour session involving the super star.

Although I’ve called this a beginner fat burn workout, I promise you will get a sweat on regardless your level. Get ready for a total cardio blast mixed with some abs sculpting moves. Share it and challenge your friends to get it done!