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The 6 Biggest Fitness Mistakes Women Make

Attention women over 30!

I’m 39 year-old female fitness trainer in the best shape of my life and I’m here to tell you that you could get leaner, fitter and stronger in just weeks from today without starving yourself, doing hours of repetitive, joint hammering cardio, or wasting money on rip-off supplements.

I am sick and tired of [...]

30th January 2016|
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Being on ITV This Morning and my Pumpkin Workout!

Did you catch me on ITV This Morning last week?

It was my first time on live TV and I don’t mind admitting it took all the self-assurance I could muster for me not to turn into a nervous jelly!

If you're one of the people who posted supportive comments online, I want you know how much I [...]

28th November 2015|
  • agcrop

1 Secret Tip for Effort-Free Fitness

Doesn't it feel like you can barely move without tripping over a fitness or weight loss hack on the internet nowadays?

We can blame the marketers, but let’s face it, they wouldn’t be publishing this stuff if there wasn’t a huge appetite for it.

Every day I’m asked about pills, gadgets, special new techniques and for the best [...]

7th October 2015|
  • czb

When You Think You Can’t go on…

This is something for those times when you feel like you're at your limit, when you can't manage another rep, step or second.

When you're that point where you think 'I can’t do any more', ask yourself this:

What if you could?

This is a little mind track I’ve been using for years. When I start thinking “I can’t”, [...]

15th September 2015|
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5 Minute Workouts – The Magic Bullet?

Heard about the current celebrity workout trend of exercising for only five minutes at a time?

Here's  how to make it work for you.

The theory goes that exercising for just five minutes is enough to kick-up your metabolic rate so you burn more calories for some time after the five-minute mini session.

By doing this every couple of [...]

7th September 2015|
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How to Exercise Because You Love Your Body – Not Because You Hate It

‘Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it’, is a piece of advice I’m always handing out.

It's easier said than done, I know.

Thought patterns are hard to kick. What's more, a lot people are reluctant to change their mindset simply because, often subconsciously, they believe that giving themselves a hard time about [...]

31st August 2015|
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Self-beliefs to change the shape of your life – The Rebel Creed

When I first created what is now the ‘Rebel Creed’, it was a simple list of mantras and slogans I wanted to print out and pin up somewhere to help keep me focused on who I am and what fitness means to me.

What emerged was so powerful I couldn’t contain the urge to share it.

There’s a [...]

10th August 2015|
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Some Thoughts on Online Sharing

Do you ever hold back from posting photos online or sharing news of something you’ve done because you’re afraid people will be scornful, jealous or judgmental?

I hear a lot from people who’d like to post more pictures online to share their fitness journey, and lives in general, but they’re afraid of being judged. Often it’s because [...]

13th July 2015|
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New ‘Rebellion’ 12-week Body Transformation Program

Update 9th Sept 2015: After a sensational first round Rebellion will kick off again on 28th September. Sign up is open now.

This time there will be no requirement for the £50 deposit, instead I'll be offering a special prize to all finishers. More details on that coming soon.

The Rebellion program is the latest addition [...]

1st June 2015|
  • booty

Bubble Butt Exercise Combo!

Get down on the mat and bang out these five exercises for a hard, round, hot ass!

These awesome, easy-to-master moves sculpt, tighten and lift the booty and you can do at home!

No equipment required, although once you get stronger you might want to up the ante with ankle weights like I am in the video.

Get ready [...]

23rd April 2015|