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50kg Lost and Fitter Than Ever at 57

One of the most common barriers for people face on the road to getting in shape is not knowing how to start. You don't need to know all the answers from day 1, all you [...]

I’m a Depression Survivor

I was trying on a blouse in a shop changing room. I couldn’t fasten the buttons. Somehow it was just too complicated. The pills were doing strange things to me, things that made simple tasks [...]

The Ugly Truth About #Fitspo Motivation

People are constantly asking me to talk about motivation. From the responses I get from people, it seems I’m pretty good at it. After listening to my pep talks or chatting to me, [...]

Workout for When You Don’t Feel Like Working out

Here's a fun workout for those days when you just don't feel like exercising. Even if you're mad-keen on making fitness gains, it’s actually optimal for your progress to take a break from intense workouts [...]

Why you’re probably dehydrated

Tired? Bags under your eyes? Are your hands shaking a little? Or maybe it seems like you can’t recover after your training and you’re constantly sleepy? There’s a cure that can not only [...]

Over-50 Fittie Swaps Hay Bales for Handstands

A lot of women might have thought that in her fifties Jennifer Allen should have been content to be in reasonable shape, fit enough to be active every day and fitting comfortably in size 12 [...]

12 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

You've probably lost count of all the excuses you've managed to come up with for not exercising. Excuses are just one way your brain tricks you into putting off a workout - but there are [...]


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