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12 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

You've probably lost count of all the excuses you've managed to come up with for not exercising. Excuses are just one way your brain tricks you into putting off a workout - but there are [...]

Workout for When You’re Angry

Feeling angry? Then it's workout time! It's totally OK to feel angry sometimes. But keep those feelings locked up inside and they can harm you in lots of ways. Let them out in [...]

How Running LESS Helped Me Lose Weight

Running is great for your heart, lungs and circulation, it burns a lot of calories, and I find it clears my head better than any other form of exercise. I love it. So why on [...]

When Fitness Gets Dangerous

Wanting to be healthier, and feel better about the way you look, are both good things. They're signs of self-care - you value yourself enough to want to feel proud in your own skin, and [...]

New training goals (and a confession)

I’m calling this a confession because it’s not the sort of thing fitness trainers typically talk about publicly, but I don’t see myself as super-human and I don’t want you to see me that way [...]

Workout For When You’re Stressed

Dealing with stress, anxiety, overwhelm? Give me under 30 minutes and I'll guide you through a workout that will flush all that tension and pent-up anxious energy from your body and leave you feeling emotionally [...]

Workout For When You Just Woke Up

Good morning! Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, a quick workout in the am will help you wake up, energise your body and mind and set you up for a [...]

Winter running is tough but you can do it too

The benefits, the downsides and the how-to In winter, we tend to spend more time indoors, eat more and get a little lazier. The cold, dark days are not great for motivation. Serotonin [...]



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