5 Minute Workouts – The Magic Bullet?

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How to Exercise Because You Love Your Body – Not Because You Hate It

‘Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it’, is a piece of advice I’m always handing out. It's easier said than done, [...]

Self-beliefs to change the shape of your life – The Rebel Creed

When I first created what is now the ‘Rebel Creed’, it was a simple list of mantras and slogans I wanted to print out and [...]

Some Thoughts on Online Sharing

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New ‘Rebellion’ 12-week Body Transformation Program

Update 9th Sept 2015: After a sensational first round Rebellion will kick off again on 28th September. Sign up is open now. This time there [...]

Bubble Butt Exercise Combo!

Get down on the mat and bang out these five exercises for a hard, round, hot ass! These awesome, easy-to-master moves sculpt, tighten [...]

Calorie-blasting Home Workout

I had a ton of fun hosting a training session for a bunch of lovely bloggers at Decathlon's Surrey Quays store. The workout went down [...]

Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #5 This is final session in my 5-day Fat Burn Bootcamp. But really it's only the beginning. I have given you plenty of options [...]

Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #4   I love lower body workouts! The muscles in legs and butt body are large - trust me, even if you're not very [...]

Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #3 Workout 3 is here! Today we're using one of my favourite ways to train - intense weighted intervals interspersed with all-out cardio. I [...]