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Making your Dream Body a Reality

If you're truly serious about getting your body fitter, stronger and/or leaner, make a commitment right now to do what it takes to make that happen. Too many people set targets and then simply sit [...]

Super-Charge Your Motivation for Morning Exercise

When you’ve planned to exercise in the morning but you get up thinking, “aw, I really don’t feel like it, maybe I’ll do it later…” remember this – your decision is going to affect the [...]

Actually, it’s not THAT Hard

Every day I encounter people who’d love to get leaner and fitter. But, when it boils down, it’s just plain too hard. It’s hard to make healthy food choices when everyone else is [...]

You Won’t Get Lean Until You do This

To change your body, first you need to change your mind. This is not just a cliche, it's true. Even when you're not consciously aware of the thought process, your actions are all ultimately controlled [...]

The 6 Biggest Fitness Mistakes Women Make

Attention women over 30! I’m 39 year-old female fitness trainer in the best shape of my life and I’m here to tell you that you could get leaner, fitter and stronger in just weeks from [...]

1 Secret Tip for Effort-Free Fitness

Doesn't it feel like you can barely move without tripping over a fitness or weight loss hack on the internet nowadays? We can blame the marketers, but let’s face it, they wouldn’t be publishing this [...]

When You Think You Can’t go on…

This is something for those times when you feel like you're at your limit, when you can't manage another rep, step or second. When you're that point where you think 'I can’t do any more', [...]


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