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When You Think You Can’t go on…

This is something for those times when you feel like you're at your limit, when you can't manage another rep, step or second. When you're that point where you think 'I can’t do any more', [...]

5 Minute Workouts – The Magic Bullet?

Heard about the current celebrity workout trend of exercising for only five minutes at a time? Here's  how to make it work for you. The theory goes that exercising for just five minutes is enough [...]

Some Thoughts on Online Sharing

Do you ever hold back from posting photos online or sharing news of something you’ve done because you’re afraid people will be scornful, jealous or judgmental? I hear a lot from people who’d like to [...]

Bubble Butt Exercise Combo!

Get down on the mat and bang out these five exercises for a hard, round, hot ass! These awesome, easy-to-master moves sculpt, tighten and lift the booty and you can do at home! [...]

Calorie-blasting Home Workout

I had a ton of fun hosting a training session for a bunch of lovely bloggers at Decathlon's Surrey Quays store. The workout went down so well with the group I thought I'd share it [...]

Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #5 This is final session in my 5-day Fat Burn Bootcamp. But really it's only the beginning. I have given you plenty of options to advance the exercises in these workouts so I hope [...]



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