Breaking Through the Plateau to Confidence and Energy

With the huge array of fitness options available nowadays simply choosing one and consistently following it can be the biggest stumbling block for a lot of people.

I see so many people not making the progress they could be because of giving in to “shiney object syndrome” where they keep flitting from one program or way of working out to another without giving anything enough dedication for a long enough time to see the results they want.


Eilinn is a super-inspiring example of what can be achieved with consistency.

She already looked amazing and was in great shape when she first joined my online gym, but after a few months of my workouts it was clear she’d made great gains in her fitness and strength and, most importantaly, she felt the way she wanted to feel.

Being used to training at health clubs with in-person trainers, Eilinn was understandably a bit unsure when she first thought of starting exercising with my online workouts.

“The fact that it was online made me a bit reluctant and I thought I needed a physical presence to be motivated to do other people’s programs,” she recalls.

“But I thought, why not, I’ll try and see, and having started with Julia’s Fat Burn Revolution book, I knew her philosophy and a lot of the exercises she uses, so I didn’t feel like a complete novice.”

Like many people, time was a bit factor for Eiliin and it was the effeciency of  my workouts which won her 2D1BFF2600000578-3260380-image-a-18_1444060285001over.

“I’d spent two hours daily at the gym for over a year and having reached a plateau, I was tempted by the ‘shorter, but harder’ slogan. Although the workouts were harder, the prospect of saving an hour and a half per day at the gym made it all worth it.”

The online gym’s flexible structure is perfect for people like Ellinn, whose work schedule is often unpredictable.

“I can do the workouts anytime,” she says. “I can work crazy 18-hour days and then sometimes not work at all, so I need to be able to fit it in whenever I can.”  

When it comes to finding the motivation to get up and do the work, Eilinn found it was really as simple as building up the habit and mindset of just getting on with it, whether motivation is flowing or not – a core philosophy of mine.


2D1C01E300000578-3260380-image-a-10_1444059771909“Motivation has always been a problem, but I have realised that Julia’s right: you can’t wait for motivation to come over you – at some point you just have to decide and force yourself to go ahead and get it done.”

Often people start something like an online workout program and after a few months they’re amazed to notice how it much it has changed in their lives. Ellinn has noticed a huge difference in how she feels, both emotionally and physically.

“I feel more confident and outgoing as my general wellbeing has improved, and since my overall energy and health also have improved – I haven’t been sick the last two years,” Ellinn says. “I can’t really say that anything had suffered from the time I set aside to work out.”

No matter  how busy you are, or how unmotivated you feel, there’s always time for one of the best kinds of self-care – quick, but extremely rewarding, exercise.


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