Burn Fat In Just 10 Minutes

Rising Destiny is designed for all of you desperate to lose weight but too busy to put aside half an hour or more for a full-length training session. Today’s training protocol requires only 10 minutes and targets all key areas of you body: thighs, bum, core and shoulders. Be ready for a challenge! To make the most of your time, Rising Destiny is no joke. You will feel the burn and get a sweat on, so I recommend you do this workout right before jumping into the shower.

We’ve got four exercises and a rising number of reps, and you can adjust every move to suit your level:

  • 5x press ups
  • 10x lunges with a kick (both sides)
  • 15x mountain climbers
  • 20x jumping jacks

Make sure to minimise rest time¬†between the sets and really give it your all. It’s only 10 minutes, so every second counts. Once you’re familiar with the protocol and you get faster, you can increase the number of reps or sets. Enjoy!

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