If you’re a woman, especially (but not exclusively) if you’re over 30, you probably have some cellulite on your body.

You may think it’s ugly and want it gone – because we’ve certainly been conditioned to think that way!

Every day, hundreds of thousands of anti-cellulite products fly off the shelves. Non-invasive cellulite treatment (creams, lotions and even supplements) is a multimillion dollar business.

Some (including Oprah) say cellulite is a modern day ailment and it has even been called an epidemic, by people citing rising levels of obesity and our unhealthy lifestyles as the cause…

But what if I told you that none of this is true?

What if I told you the very word “cellulite” was completely made up, by companies wanting to make money from women’s body-insecurities? Click To Tweet

In other words, what if I told you that cellulite and its “treatment” is utter BS?

On holiday in Lanzarote a few weeks ago I got my husband to record a quick video of me exercising on the beach for my social media channels.

When I first saw this I thought, ‘where’s the delete button’. I’m a fitness professional and I’ve seen many times the kind of flack women in my line of work get on social media for even the slightest display of cellulite.

But then I realised that I didn’t want to be part of the big lie, perpetuated by pharma and cosmetics companies, that says cellulite is not normal.

I knew there was every chance some people who are under the illusion that cellulite = unhealthy could be put off by seeing it, but I thought that if I can feel insecure by seeing this tiny bit of dimpling, how might some other completely healthy and beautiful women out there be feeling about the bodies.

It was clear that the unflattering video could be an opportunity to start an important conversation.

So I wrote a quick a caption about my insecurities, hit the post button and braced myself for the kick-back.

I really needn’t have worried. The response was overwhelming.

I received comments and personal messages telling me that: A) I had no cellulite at all (which is not true, I have some, but you’re right, there really isn’t anything wrong with it!); B) that my honesty really resonated with people; and C) that many women were amazed to see I had cellulite because they didn’t associate it with athletic body types.

I was so happy to start a conversation about something that so many of us struggle with!

Here’s the big revelation: Almost all women, regardless of size or level of athleticism have some so-called cellulite on their bodies. Click To Tweet

Some studies report it’s found in 85-98% adult women. It’s not pathological but Shockingly, the same studies are often used by companies selling products designed to, ahem, correct it. Total brainwashing!

Fitness trainers, fashion models, elite athletes, nearly every woman and loads of men have cellulite. Because it’s not even a “thing”, it’s just normal body fat showing through skin in places where the skin is thinner.

This is why it’s more visible on women than men, because we tend to have thinner skin – that’s all!

Studies report that 85-98% adult women have so-called #cellulite. Shockingly, the same studies are often used by companies selling products designed to, ahem, correct it. Total brainwashing! Click To Tweet

Also, when we move and as we go through our hormonal cycle, which affects the levels of water retained in the body, a little more bumpiness can show through.

Even the most expensive lotion won’t remove it. Sure, it can temporarily plump up the skin to make the “orange peel” less visible, but however much you spend on it, there’s no magic ingredient that can reduce body fat content and distribution.

Here are a few things that actually do work to make your skin appear less bumpy:

Reduce body fat

The less of it you have, the less it will show. Just remember that healthy levels of body fat are required for your body to function correctly! But if you do excess body fat to lose, doing so will probably improve the smoothness in affected areas.

Get your tan on

Darker skin tends to hide cellulite better so if you’re pale, like me, getting a tan can help. But tanned skin is sun-damaged skin and we definitely do not want the dangers or ageing effects that come with that! So I use fake tan. It gives you that youthful, holiday look and is much healthier than sizzling in the sun which is the number one cause of skin ageing. A bit of colour will make the “orange peel” much less visible.

Healthy eating

Water retention can be a big factor. Don’t add salt to your food and eat mainly unprocessed, natural foods. Alcohol is also a really big culprit. If you want your Spanish beach holiday pictures to be immaculate, go easy on the sangria (which I certainly didn’t do in Lanzarote! 😆)

Honestly though, my best advice is to get used to the idea that it’s normal and stop worrying about something that’s a completely natural part of being a human being. Our bodies are amazing, rather than being sucked into such a negative and depressing marketing ploy, let’s appreciate and love them for they do for us.