How many times have you given in to the “I’ll do it later” monologue? Will it actually be easier to get it done later – or are you just letting procrastination get the best of you?

You’re here investing your time in reading a blog about fitness, so getting fit must be important to you! Sometimes it’s just getting started that slows you down. So how do you beat procrastination and power through your workouts even when you’d much rather do it later?

Procrastination creeps up on us for a few different reasons. A lot of times we just get preoccupied with something else and decide to put off working out. Other times we let our excuses start to make our decisions for us without even realizing it. We let ourselves believe it really will happen later.

It doesn’t feel good to procrastinate. Think of how much better you’ll feel if you just get up and work out anyway! Easier said than done, but it can be done. You can learn to do the opposite of what your procrastination is trying to persuade you to do.

Sometimes it's just getting started that slows you down. Click To Tweet

The first step to beating procrastination is to be aware when you’re doing it. From there, you can put aside your excuses and work out anyway. Once you start to recognize what procrastination looks like for you, it gets easier to beat. It gets easier to talk yourself into working out, instead of talking yourself out of it.


Procrastination is really just an unhealthy habit. The best way to break an unhealthy habit is to replace it with a healthier one.

In fact, the more times you get into the habit of ignoring that voice in your head telling you to work out later – even though it’s likely you won’t – the more ignoring the urge to procrastinate becomes an unconscious habit.

That chatter in your head trying to convince you to stay in bed gets quieter and quieter, until it pretty much disappears.

The best way to break an unhealthy habit is to replace it with a healthier one. Click To Tweet

There will always be days you struggle and don’t want to exercise. We’ve all been there. But the more you are used to pushing through it and getting that workout in anyway, the more likely you are to be able to get through even the rough days.

Do keep in mind however that procrastinating is not the same thing as taking a rest day or taking some time off because of illness or injury. If you need to rest for whatever reason, rest. You’re doing yourself a favor by giving your body time to recover. Never feel guilty for taking care of the only body you’ve got!

If you need more tips and support for your workouts, you are welcome to join me here if you haven’t already. There’s a whole community of online gym members here to help and encourage you to set and reach your goals. Work out anywhere, anytime. I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.

Procrastinating is not the same thing as taking a rest day or taking some time off. Click To Tweet