Intermittent fasting has been an element of my self-care for around five years.

This morning I finished a 36 hour fast.

How did I feel? Great!

Hungry? I little, but nowhere near as much as you probably think if you’ve never done fasted.

My plan was to do 24 but felt really good so instead of eating last night I decided to continue till this morning (I do this sometimes, based on how I feel).

I get asked a lot about my approach to intermittent fasting.


To keep it simple, here are the basics in bullets:

⭐ I fast “clean”, which means I don’t eat anything or drink anything with calories.

⭐ While fasting I drink a lot of water and a fair bit of tea (various types)

⭐ Intermittent fasting is a tool, I use it in a way which fits with what’s going on in my life at the time.

⭐ At times when it works for me to fast regularly I’ll typically do one 24 hour fast every 1-2 weeks and 16/8 fasts 3-4 days per week.

⭐ 16/8 just means fasting for 16 hours per day (including overnight) with 8 hours when I eat.

⭐ Please note that intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone, it’s not the only way to achieve anything and I wouldn’t recommend more than 16 hours if you’re new to fasting. If you have any phsyical or mental health issues don’t do it unless recommended by your doctor.

⭐ Fasting makes it really important to eat nutritious foods and keep carbs/sugar low – good luck with hunger and cravings if you don’t!

⭐ My reasons for fasting are: it massively helps my digestion, proven benefits for health and longevity, feels good, trains me recognise true hunger, helps me keep my diet on track, improves my focus, fat loss, and more.


Happy to answer any questions – talk to me on Twitter or Instagram or join my lovely Facebook group where we already have a conversation going about this.

Also, tell me, would you be interested in me including this as part of a coached programme in the future❓