People are always asking me to describe my fitness “method”.

Especially when I talk to the press, they’d like to put me in a box and describe as a ‘HIIT instructor’, ‘Strength trainer’ or ‘cardio coach’.

I’m a problem for them, at least when it comes to summing my approach up in a few words, because the “magic” behind the success of my programmes is that I don’t use one single dogmatic training style.

The true “secret” of why people achieve fantastic physical changes using my programmes is the unique combination of ways of moving, not any one type of workout.

In some sessions we build muscle to firm and define the body, increase strength and speed up the metabolism, in others we fire up that muscle with faster movements to torch calories and fat and create explosive fitness.

Another element is something I’ve started to call Unified Metabolic Strength and Conditioning (UMSC). I guess if I really have to describe my approach as a method, this is it.

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UMSC will improve the way you move, give you true athletic power, make your body more resilient and boost your physical performance in pretty much all activities (yes, even that! ?).

The exercises incorporate big movements, often getting all four limbs involved, to fire up lots of different muscle groups and get the whole body working together as a single athletic unit.

Often UMSC moves are quite slow, but require a lot of control and what I call “true strength”. It’s one thing being able lift heavy weights for isolation exercises like bicep curls, but if you don’t have the strength and control to say, do a bicep curl while doing a lunge and then come up into a shoulder press because you’ve only trained your body to stand in one spot while moving weights, are you really strong through your body, or just good at bicep curls?

Another element of USMC is power and “true flexibility”. Most people work on flexibility by holding stationary stretches, which does have benefits, but if your body isn’t used to getting in and out of that position quickly it could actually make you more prone to injury.

Also, if your only flexibility training is holding stretches, you won’t be building strength through you full movement range. For example, if you can squat right down “ass to grass” or come into a low lunge, that’s great, but you’ll get a lot more fat-burning and fitness benefits from the exercises if you can do them holding weights.

By moving in and out of positions, rather than simply holding them, we build strength, power and control through our full movement range. This is more athletic, better for avoiding injury, better for performance in exercise, burns more calories and helps sculpt the body. Plus it’s less boring!

It always depends on your goals of course. But, along with building strength and sculpting muscle definition, UMSC absolutely super-charges fat-burning. Those big, multi-muscle movements require a lot of energy to perform and put the body in a condition where it burns extra fat for hours after the workout is over, you could even be burning more fat into the next day if you really push it.

We sometimes use weights for the exercises, sometimes our own bodyweight and gravity is enough of a challenge.

UMSC workouts make me feel fantastic! The very athletic, flowing movements have a way of helping us reconnect with our bodies and feel our true physical power. People talk about finishing sessions on a massive high and moving around feels amazing for hours after.

It’s kind of hard to explain until you experience it… The best way I can put it is, it’s how true athletic fitness feels.


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Here’s a full body workout using UMSC. Obviously the video is speeded up, so you need to be moving A LOT slower than me – the slower the better really. Master the movements without weights before grabbing your dumbbells.


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