New ‘Rebellion’ 12-week Body Transformation Program

Update 9th Sept 2015: After a sensational first round Rebellion will kick off again on 28th September. Sign up is open now.

This time there will be no requirement for the £50 deposit, instead I’ll be offering a special prize to all finishers. More details on that coming soon.

The Rebellion program is the latest addition to the workout programs available exclusively to members of my online gym. I’m super-excited to kick off the first 12-week round in a couple of weeks!

In Rebellion I have combined my most effective fat-torching, muscle-sculpting techniques with some cool new moves alongside old favourites and streamlined the workouts into categories to create a fantastically flexible, time-efficient complete body transformation program.

Devised for optimal results in:

– Fat loss
– Tightening and sculpting the thighs, butt, belly and upper arms
– True athletic fitness
– Metabolism boosting

For people who want a program featuring:

– 12 weeks of results-driven workouts
– Super-simple! Just click play and follow the videos
– Progressive program which guarantees noticeable changes
– Huge variety of workouts so you never get bored
– Amazing support to keep you motivated all the way

How it works:

My most flexible program to date – you can choose to exercise from 20 to 60 minutes per session – 3-7 days per week, depending on your goals, starting point and any other training you’re combining with the Rebellion program.

Workouts are split into 3 categories:7

Sculpt – Hard body training using weights to build strength, gain lean, fat-burning muscle and boost the metabolism

Shred – Build explosive fitness and strip back the fat to reveal those sexy defined muscles in these intense sessions requiring (kit-free!)

Sustain – The most athletic results-focused elements of calisthenics and power yoga combined to increase your strength, stamina and flexibility, reduce injury risk and boost energy whilst as torching serious calories!
Choose one of each per day or combine for outstanding comprehensive results!

Also included:
– Tasty, healthy recipes4-crop
– Mindset coaching to overcome excuses
– Options from beginner to super advanced
– Regular bonus challenges to keep you focused


Want in?

First of all, you need to be a member of my online gym.

During this first 12-week of Rebellion the program will still be in the development phase. I’ll be reacting to feedback from participants and tweaking as the program progresses, so this is your chance to be part of it from the very beginning and to help shape the finished product.

This is why I only want people who are truly committed to staying focused on the program and doing what it takes from start to finish to take part.

If you still want to do it and you’re fully ready to demonstrate this commitment I will need the following from you:

1. Start-of-program photos
2. £50 deposit to be returned when (and only if) you send me your end-of-program photos

I will provide tips on taking the photos, which photos can be fully clothed and headless if you prefer and I won’t publish them anywhere without your permission.

I am only asking for them because I want you be very clear in your mind that you are embarking on a body transformation and you need to prepared to make changes to your diet and to exercise hard in order to see changes on your body at the end of 12 weeks.

In order to banish procrastination and get you into the “lost time is lost time, whatever the reason” mindset, I will need to receive the end-of-program photos by the deadline date (which will be a few days after the program ends) in order to refund your deposit – NO MATTER WHAT has happened during the program for you.flex

It won’t matter how much or little change you think you see in the photos, I will just need you to send them. This way you will always know that photo day is coming, which is sure to help keep focused on your results.

If you don’t take part in Rebellion, no worries at all, you can still join my online gym and do any of the other legendary fat-burning fitness programs and workouts on the site.

Just think how amazing it’s going to feel when you see the difference in your body in those photos and get that £50 back so you have some extra cash to reward yourself with!

Join my online gym now and drop me a message on the website once you’ve logged in if you want to take part.


Here’s a taster of just one of the new moves:


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