New training goals (and a confession)

I’m calling this a confession because it’s not the sort of thing fitness trainers typically talk about publicly, but I don’t see myself as super-human and I don’t want you to see me that way either, so I’m not embarrassed about admitting it.

This year, I’ve let my training slip.

January and February are crazy-busy months in the fitness world and, although I’ve kept my general fitness levels ticking over, I haven’t done much to get closer to my progress goals and in some areas I’ve actually rolled back.  

There was a time when I’d try to motivate myself by beating myself up over something like this. But one of the most important things I’ve discovered when it comes to fitness (and most other aspects of life). Is that judging ourselves harshly is actually very de-motivating and doesn’t help us get to where we want to be any faster, quite the opposite.

Sometimes you have to give yourself credit just for treading water and with everything going on in my life over these last couple of months, I feel like I’ve done fine. It’s all good.

However, now I’m pumped to get back at it and ready to get my teeth into a bunch of exercises I call my “dragon moves” because they’re so tough for me, and because I want to learn to slay them!

Some of these exercises are already coming together for me and some are completely new and a bit intimidating. But, as always, practice and patience will get me there.

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I know this because I’ve seen it happen for hundreds of my online gym members and for myself. Only a few years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying the moves that are on my list!

The other day my friend Becca reminded me of a conversation we had about those types of exercises a few years ago. Back then I said, they’re very cool but way too risky for me. Today I’m still well aware that I have to be careful and maintain good technique, but I’m also confident that my body can now handle them.

At this point I have the body shape I wanted and at 40 years of age I’m fitter than I ever imagined I could be. In 2012 I got into HIIT sessions and, combined with weights, they allowed me to build a solid fitness and strength base.

Now I’m ready to take my training to the next level, but the idea of lifting heavier and heavier loads just isn’t massively motivating for me (although I really admire people who do it!). I’m more into bodyweight training and mastering what I can do against gravity. I’m inspired by the control, strength and precision it takes to do these crazy, superhero moves. (Have a look at the list I’ve drawn up below.)

At this stage it’s not about fat loss or changing the way I look. I am still seeing my body getting more defined, but that’s more of a happy side-effect now. It’s about the pure joy of being able to move in awesome, previously unimaginable ways. The feeling of accomplishing goals like that can’t be put into words – you have to experience it for yourself!

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Now you’ve read this, I’ll be counting on you to be one of my accountability-buddies. I’d love to hear about how you’re getting on with your goals too. And if you feel like checking with me how I’m getting on from time to time, please do! Knowing you’re watching will help me to stay even more focused.

Here’s my list of “dragons”:

  1. Pistol squats
  2. Pull ups  (these are the hardest for me!)
  3. Ninja jumps
  4. Spider press ups
  5. Hurdle jumps (these are just really scary… I sometimes just freeze in front of the box but they tend to get easier quite quickly)
  6. Chin ups (There are actually going ok. On a good day I can do about eight but… I just want more!)
  7. Handstand (I’ve never been able to to them, even as a kid!)
  8. Kip-up (Really tricky, really technical – and I can’t do it at all yet!)
  9. Crow
  10. Front splits

I will work on these by incorporating them into my regular training sessions, so about six times a week.

I’ll be sharing details of how I’m building up to the move and updates on my progress on my social media channels, so come talk to me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.