New Year’s Resolutions Playbook

Every January, the new year inspires us to become better versions of ourselves. Unfortunately, 156 million people(!) give up on their New Year’s resolutions at the first hurdle, and only 12 percent ever achieve their goals.

With weight loss and clean eating topping the list of most commonly chosen resolutions, the grim statistics don’t give us much hope for a healthy 2017. Luckily, we can learn from our mistakes, so instead of giving up before even trying, this time make the New Year really count.

In 2016 I got into the shape of my life, and it’s a pattern that goes a few years back with every January bringing new gains. Yet there’s no secret to changing your lifestyle and achieving your weight loss and fitness goals – just consistency and a few simple rules. Follow them, and in 2017 be the 12 percent that get to keep their New Year resolutions!


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  1. Set Manageable Goals (and Be Honest)

Sounds obvious, but before you commit to a goal, be sure to scrutinise your starting point. Planning on running a marathon is all very well, but if at the moment you can’t chase a bus without losing your breath, wind it down to a half marathon, or maybe a 10k. Be honest with yourself and don’t feel bad for choosing something less ambitious. Achieving your realistic ambitions will feel much better than failing, and it will become a stepping stone for long term goals.  

  1. Be The Change (aka Believe in Yourself)

Once you lay out a realistic plan, you should be able to really imagine yourself reaching the finishing line. That fitter, stronger, happier person is you, so you might as well give yourself some credit for that at the very start. You know you will be a size leaner by summer. Yes, that girl rocking a dress one or two sizes smaller is you. Be proud for committing to making a change, and the process will feel much better.

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  1. Love the Journey (and Make a Plan)

I know what you’re thinking. Easier said than done, right? Exercising and healthy eating don’t have to feel bad as long as you’re choosing what’s right for you.

Working out at home in front of the computer is a great way to eliminate the hassle of attending classes, and it will make it easier to stick with your training schedule. If you enjoy walking, plan for energetic, fast walks a couple of times a week (yes, walking is actually one of the best ways to shed fat). If you love chips, don’t deprive yourself of your favourite snack, just substitute deep fried regular chips with oven baked sweet potato ones. And if you’re always tired in the evenings, set aside half an hour every morning to complete your training.

The key to making your fitness journey enjoyable is taking the time to plan your steps carefully while remembering that at the very centre of it is you.

  1. Work in Stages (but Keep Your Eyes on The Prize)

To keep your motivation high, set some intermediate goals. If you want to work out every day, but at the moment you rarely get off the couch, start with two short sessions a week, then gradually build it up. If you’re training for a half-marathon in summer, sign up for a 10k in February, etc.  

There are many ways to divide your journey into stages, but the goal is always the same. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Intermediate goals and increasing intensity are key.

You can also kickstart the year by following my 4-Week Breakthrough programme and take it from there. (Not to fall off the wagon, you should at least have a vague idea for what you want to do next.)

  1. Document Your Progress (Because It’s Fun!)

Nothing is a worse buzz killer than feeling like you’re stuck in place, but if you’re actually trying hard and following the guidelines above, I can guarantee you’re making progress. Changes don’t happen overnight and sometimes it may be hard to notice how well you’re doing, so give yourself a chance.

You can take a selfie every Monday, weigh/measure yourself, or do a simple fitness test. How many squats can you do? How long can you stay in plank? If it motivates you more, publish your stats online, or write them down in a beautiful notebook. In my online gym you can share your experiences with other members on the private forum.

This is your journey. It is important. Pay attention, because you’re making great strides! Yes, 2017 will be your year 🙂

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