Over-50 Fittie Swaps Hay Bales for Handstands

A lot of women might have thought that in her fifties Jennifer Allen should have been content to be in reasonable shape, fit enough to be active every day and fitting comfortably in size 12 jeans.

Although she was pretty happy with her physical condition, Jen (as she likes to be called) was confident her body had the potential to be even fitter and stronger and wanted to find out just what she could achieve.

“I had always kept fit, mainly through swimming and dog walking, Jen recalls, “but in my early 50’s I wanted to try building some muscle – both because I love the defined look and also to get my bones good and strong and preserve my mobility and functional fitness for the years to come.”

Having grown up on a farm where she was regularly drafted in to help with hay making, Jen was no stranger to lifting heavy objects, but when it came to using weights she wasn’t sure where to start.

That was when she first heard about ‘The Fat Burn Revolution’. She read a review of the book a magazine which said it provided a great introduction to weight training, so she quickly ordered a copy.IMG_1244

“I loved it. The workouts were really challenging but following the plan was easy with the done-for-you routines and balanced full body programme. Before long I started to see changes in my shape which was fantastic,” Jen says.

After finishing the 12-week program of ‘The Fat Burn Revolution’ Jen joined the online gym over two years ago now, and has continued making steady progress ever since.

“I enjoyed moving on from body weight exercises to light dumbbells up to ever increasing weights. It’s brilliant that I can now do chin ups and press ups. Now I have pull-ups and handstands as my goals.

“My body has become leaner, stubborn fat has shifted, my physique is stronger and defined and my post baby belly (over 25 years old) is diminishing, it’s brilliant! Years of swimming, running, Zumba and/or Pilates had never had this effect,” Jen explains.

Even more importantly Jen has found that in the process of getting fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier, she has also built up a lot of mental strength, confidence and resilience.

“I have had some huge life changes during my time training with Julia and I can honestly say that I have been able to deal with them with ease because I am healthy in mind and body.

“The support in the online gym from Julia and other members is invaluable. It is like having lots of best friends in your home with you for advice, encouragement or a pep talk. I have made some great long term friendships with people all around the world.”

Jen is a professional massage therapist, she has her own blog and regularly shares her progress on Instagram.


If you want the support and results Jennifer gained through joining Julia’s online gym, become a member today so you don’t miss out on exclusive workout programs, coaching and group forum discussions. Take the next step and set your goals into motion.