Do you dislike or even hate how your body looks and want to change it with diet and exercise?

Yet you struggle to consistently make yourself exercise or eat healthily?

Maybe there have been times when you nearly cracked it, but doing that never really quite felt like the real you. In fact, it was an exhausting chore, an act you just couldn’t sustain.

So, now you’re in a position where you’ve failed (probably several times) at changing your body. It’s starting to seem like you never will.

The worst part is, you can’t get yourself to accept your body as it is either.

No matter how many messages are fired at you telling you to love your body, you just can’t, because you don’t.woman unhappy with her body

Sound familiar?

Now, forget about that for a minute, and humour me by thinking about the following weird scenario…


We’ll take a random “average” person and task them with looking after a pet. It can be a dog, cat, bird, whatever, I’ll leave that your imagination.

Anyway, pheewee! The person we gave this pet to does not like it at all.

They find it ugly, believe it’s offensive to other people, and also that it’s guilty of just being plain “wrong”. Not only can they not bring themselves to love this pet, they don’t even find it acceptable.

As you’d expect when they feel that way about it, having this creature living with them is making their life pretty miserable.

And what kind of care do you think they give this pet? Not great, eh?

Sure, guilt and a sense of responsibility might make them give it some care, especially if they feel like someone is monitoring them, but it’ll be the bare minimum they think they can get away with, and they’ll probably give that minimal possible grudgingly, probably with mounting resentment toward the creature.

They’ll mostly likely look for ways to get someone else to take care of it for them, or maybe there’s a machine that can do it automatically without them putting in the time and effort, or better still a pill they can give that pet that’ll mean they don’t have to do anything.

Clearly this pet is not going to thrive.


We can’t have that.

Let’s take the pet away from that person and give it to someone else.

You know how it goes with pets – a creature one person thinks is horrid can be seen quite differently by another person.

Person Two is different. Ahhh, they love it!

Sure, they know it might not win any rosettes at a pet show, but they have no reason to care about that, that’s not important to them because they don’t think that’s what pets are for. To them it’s beautiful! It is full of love and life and tries it’s best to follow their every command. It makes their lives better every day.

What sort of care do you think the pet is going to get from this person? They’ll do the best very best they can to nurture it, to keep it healthy and give it a happy life. What’s more, taking care of it will feel like a pleasure and privilege.


…I think you see where I’m going with this.

If you are hating on your body, this will continue to perpetuate itself and will keep on making you miserable.

In the rare cases where people manage to leverage that hate to compel themselves to make changes, they hardly ever sustain them. Those few, who do, usually continue to hate their bodies because they don’t know how they’d sustain their new body shape without that self-shame as motivation.


Here comes the cliché you’ve been bracing for… woman happy with her body

The only key to get you out of this nightmarish prison is to make healthy choices because you love your body not because you hate it.

I know it’s not the first time you’ve heard this message, but maybe this could be the time when the truth of it really sinks in.

For sure, coming to love your body after years of criticism and hate requires a lot of adjustment. It’s very doubtful it’ll happen in an instant “aha moment” after reading this blog. It’s possible for some it could, but be ready for what’s most likely –  you’ll have to keep reminding yourself of this truth:

Hating your body is a very ineffective way of bringing the happiness and contentment you crave into your life.

Loving your body is far more effective.

You probably have work to do before you really come to love your body, but as a starting point, simply staying awake to the above fact will help immensely. Please remember it.

Write it down. Now.



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