Staying Active Is About More Than Just Sport

While I always encourage you to squeeze in at least a couple intense (but short!) training sessions a week, there are many more ways to stay in good shape.

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Here’s a list of simple yet effective tips that your body will love:

  1. Before you have coffee or tea, start your day with a pint glass of water (room temperature or warmer) and make sure to hydrate during the day
  2.  Run or cycle to work
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  4. Don’t sit motionless for longer than an hour at a time. Get up, take a few steps, do a few stretches. Your spine will be thankful and increased blood flow will boost your productivity
  5. Try swapping a regular desk for a standing one. Some people swear by it! Or if you work from home on a laptop, you could use a breakfast bar or kitchen counter like I do sometimes.
  6. Snack of nuts and fruit throughout the day
  7. Be a domestic goddess (or a god). The bigger your house, the more calories you’ll burn while cleaning the floor!
  8. If you’re in the habit of watching telly in the evening, try getting off the couch. Do a few simple exercises like circling your knees and hips, a few squats, maybe a stretch.

Not long ago, Decathlon sports stores organised a fun event getting people to move while doing alternative sports. And no, I don’t mean skateboarding! Think along the lines of… a competition in tying your shoes. Whatever makes you move, it all counts as being active! 😉

If you have any fun ways to stay healthy and keep moving thought out your day, let me know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.