A whole-being plan for a rocking body, calmness of mind & a fulfilling life

Do you dip in and out of fitness? Struggle to maintain healthy habits? Don’t feel great in your own skin?

For years the lean, sculpted body I craved was trapped under a layer of stubborn fat which refused to shift. I was constantly uncomfortable in my own skin. On top of that, conflicting thoughts and feelings were always crashing around in mind, my whole life seemed chaotic and overwhelming.

But all that has changed.

Physically I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m fit, strong, supple and more confident in my body (and my bikini) than I was in my 20’s!

On the inside I no longer feel jolted around by emotions and thoughts beyond my control. I’ve learned new ways of thinking, gained tools to keep my mind calm and clear, even in high-pressure situations. Most importantly, I’m happy!

I’d love to share all this with you.

Like the fat-loss fitness plans I’m best know for, UNITY involves a lot of calorie-torching cardio and lean muscle building. If you got excess body fat to lose, we’ll certainly take care of that. However, you can do the best programme and eat the very best diet, but if you don’t take care of what’s going on in your head you’ll never find true, lasting health and happiness.

So this is not some quick-fix sticking-plaster. By combining intense workouts with elements of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, this coached whole-being plan will give you the body you’ve always wanted AND set you on course to end internal suffering, conflicts and frustruations.

Physical and emotional wellbeing must go hand-in-hand for us to enjoy life to the full.

UNITY provides a holistic approach for those who want to make meaningful changes – for life.


Over 160 people have changed their lives with UNITY

What they are saying about their experience:

Learn how to get out of your own way

  • A 3-month online whole-being plan
  • 40-page UNITY guide book (via download)
  • Weekly guided mindfulness assignments
  • Choose your level of intensity (from 3 to 6 workouts per week)
  • Over 30 real-time workout videos with pdf sheets 
  • Eating guidelines and coaching
  • Group support via online Gym forums and private Facebook group
  • Julia to personally advise you whenever you need her

This is not for everybody. It’s for those who are ready

UNITY requires effort. It will be on you to show up and do the work. But, if you are ready to release old patterns and make some deep changes, UNITY will guide you to a healthier, happier place. 

Take a second to think about what that means.

Lean abs, firm booty and sculpted shoulders are mere side-effects of the work you are going to do here (albeit side-effects that feel pretty amazing!).

Starting on Monday 10th September 2018, Unity is a 12-week online programme and costs only £10 per week.

To ensure every participant gets the support and attention they need, numbers are limited. You will need to complete a questionnaire to ascertain whether this is right for you.


UNITY is exclusive to those ready to put in the time and effort required for a strategic, holistic approach to building a healthier, happier future.
Enter your info and I’ll email you with more details and a questionnaire to explore whether UNITY is for you.

Nothing is worth more than a healthy, energetic body & a happy, fulfilled life