Unity FAQs2018-08-30T13:15:36+00:00

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Unity programme. For a general overview of Unity and to register please see this page.

What do I need to do to join?2018-08-21T10:44:33+00:00

Because the private coaching group is such an important element of Unity Julia ensures every member is ready to work on inner change and is committed to Unity before acceptance.

Your first step is to add your details to the Unity email form – click here and scroll down the page.

You will then be sent a questionnaire containing questions which will help you consider whether Unity is right for you. If you choose to send your answers to Julia for review, she’ll reply letting you know whether you are selected to take part in the program.

Julia spends a lot of time considering each questionnaire, so please do not send yours if you are unsure about whether Unity is right for you, or if you are unable to make payment, or you have any pending questions. Julia is always available on social media to answer these if they are not covered in this FAQ section or on this page.

If selected, you’ll need to send Julia a photograph of yourself. This is an entry requirement, so please be ready to send it if you are serious about taking a place in Unity.

Please see other FAQ for more details on the time and effort commitment Unity requires, payment options and specifications for the start photo.

What sort of photograph do I need to send?2018-08-21T11:03:45+00:00

Sending Julia a photograph clearly showing yourself is a requirement to take a place in Unity.

If you’re not ready to push aside any resistance you have to taking the photo or showing it to Julia, you are probably not ready for Unity. This is a strong sign that you are not yet committed to analysing your current position and making positive changes. You can trust Julia to respect your privacy and not share the photo with any third parties without your explicit consent.

No photos will ever published, posted or shared anywhere without your permission.

The type of photo you choose to send is entirely up to you but Julia recommends you choose a photograph that reflects your goals.

For example, if your goal is to gain fitness you may choose to send a photo showing you on a day when you felt unfit and lethargic.

If your goals is fat loss you may choose to send “that photo” which made you realise you were ready to do what it takes to shed the excess fat, or you could take a new photo of yourself wearing an outfit that you’d like to see fitting you better by the end of the programme.

If your goal is more internal and you want to feel calmer, more confident and more comfortable in your body, or just to experience more happiness in your life, you can either send a photo of yourself taken at time when you felt the opposite of those things or just a typical photograph of yourself as you are today.

The photo is not necessarily to put against a new photo at the end to show a dramatic physical transformation (although if that’s what you want it definitely can be). It’s primarily a token of your commitment to change. But also, even if your Unity journey is more about inner work, you’ll find it very satisfying at the end to look back at the image of who you were at the beginning and reflect on all that has changed within you.


What materials will I get?2018-08-21T10:59:01+00:00

Unity includes the following:

  • A 12-week online whole-being plan
  • 40-page UNITY guide book (PDF via download)
  • Weekly guided mindfulness assignments
  • Various intensity levels (from 3 to 6 workouts per week)
  • Over 30 real-time workout videos with PDF sheets
  • Eating guidelines and coaching
  • Group support via Online Gym forums and a private Facebook group
  • Julia’s advice whenever you need it

The workout videos, instruction sheets, Unity ebook, mindfulness exercise sheets and audio podcasts for mindfulness assignments and guided visualisations will all be available for you to download to your own device.

The big advantage of this is that you’ll have them to keep for life, to use as many times as you like and from anywhere you like – once they are downloaded you will not need an internet connection to view them.

During the 12 weeks of the programme itself you’ll also have Julia on hand to give you any advice or support you need and the rest of the Unity group to share your journey (which is usually more of a key feature than people realise at the beginning).

What is the price?2018-08-21T11:07:50+00:00

You have two payment options.

Please review and decide which option you want to go for before completing the Unity questionnaire. To ensure the process runs smoothly, please only submit your Unity questionnaire if you are able to send your first payment within 48 hours of acceptance.

Payment will be via PayPal – so you can be assured of security.

Julia is based in the UK so these figures are in GBP but membership is open to everyone, everywhere. You can use this currency converter to see the price in your currency (PayPal may differ very slightly).


Option 1 (Best Value – Recommended):

£90 one-off payment – exclusive to Online Gym members

– If you’re already a member of the Online Gym you’ll simply pay just £90 for the whole programme (on top of your online gym subscription)
– If you’re not a member of the online gym you’ll need to join in order to take advantage of this offer. Online Gym membership is just £10 per month.

So, including your online gym membership this option is just £10 per week!

Remember, you need to be a member to be eligiable for this option so please join up before completing your questionnaire. Click here to join with a 10 day free trial.


Option 2 (3 x 4-week Installments)

Pay for each 4-week phase individually:

Phase 1 (weeks 1-4): £70

Phase 2 (weeks 5-8): £40

Phase 3 (weeks 9-12): £40

Online Gym membership is included in this offer so current members will receive a £10 discount for each phase (so long as they maintain their subscription).

The price is higher for the first phase as you receive more downloadable materials in this phase.

This option works out at only £15 per week.


Discount for Unity Graduates

Julia loves seeing people return to her programmes. Unity practices which are a lifetime journey, after all why would you ever want to stop developing yourself, caring for your body and becoming happier?

If you completed the first 12-week Unity programme which began in January 2018, Julia is happy to offer you a discount of 50% on payment option 1!

You will receive all the updated materials including 6 new workouts, guided visualisations and a revised and expanded manual. Plus all benefits of being a part of the programme. All you’ll pay is your Online Gym membership fees plus £45 for the entire programme – that’s just £3.75 per week!


Are the workouts suitable for beginners?2018-08-21T11:11:28+00:00


In Unity there are two levels of workouts – Open and Advanced.

Open workouts are designed for people who are just starting out or returning to exercise after a break.

They are also a great option for advanced people on days when they want a lower impact workout or just a more chilled session to add movement to their day. Every single workout doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) super-challenging after all!

The great thing about Unity is that Julia will be available to give you advice on exercising to suit your level and to provide coaching to help you progress as quickly and safely as possible.



I already have good fitness levels – will the workouts be challenging enough?2018-08-21T11:12:59+00:00

Seriously? Have you never worked out with Julia before? 😉

The answer is YES, the workouts will challenge you!

There are separate Advanced level workouts in Unity – so we can get right down to the grind without worrying about beginner modifications here!

All the Advanced workouts will present a challenge for anyone who follows the instructions properly, no matter how fit and strong they already are.

In fact, one of the workouts in Unity is, Julia’s opinion, the toughest workout video she has ever created. We’ll leave it to you to find out which as part of your Unity adventure!

What equipment will I need?2018-08-21T11:25:23+00:00

Beginners can do Unity with no equipment at all.

Even advanced people can easily modify the workouts to be done with no kit or perhaps a resistance band (it’s a very comfortable option for travelling).

Ideally, if you’re advanced, Julia recommends you have a set of dumbbells or kettle bells. The weights will depend on your levels of strength, fitness and experience.

A couple of the workouts give you the option to use sliders/sliding disks but you can easily improvise using a soft cloth (hard floor) or plastic bag (carpet) if you don’t have these.

Julia wears ankle weights to add a bit of extra resistance in another couple of workouts and again these are optional.

A workout mat is recommended for your comfort but you can always just use a large towel or something similar.

Is there a diet plan?2018-08-21T11:27:18+00:00

If you’re looking for a plan that tells you exactly what to eat and you just want to follow that to the letter, Unity may not be for you.

Strict plans like that do not help people achieve long term success. If you’ve tried diets before you already know this.

Unity does however include deeper food coaching to help you discover how to eat in a way that gets your body in the condition you want and helps you feel the way you want to feel.

You will discover what needs to change about your current way of eating and how to implement those changes so that eating remains enjoyable and satisfying.

Crucially, you will learn to disolve any anxieties you have around healthy eating… such as the kind of anxieties that make you want someone to tell you exactly what to eat so you don’t have to think about it!

Unity will set you on a path to enjoy nourishing your body with healthy, tasty foods.

I have an injury, can I still do Unity?2018-08-21T11:17:10+00:00

This is not something Julia is comfortable advising on. As a responsible online coach, she strongly advises you to seek medical advice. Booking a visit with a physiotherapists is a good place to start if you are struggling with an injury.

That said, if you already have a good knowledge of how to modify/switch exercises so they are safe for your body in its current condition and your physiotherapist or doctor is happy for you to take part in the programme, then you are welcome to join.

Participation is at your own risk.


I just want to lose weight. Is Unity right for me?2018-08-21T11:34:10+00:00

Oh yes!

The workouts and nutrition advice will certainly help you shed excess fat – but you’ve probably tried workout plans and diets before, and yet here you are once again seeking another weight loss solution – which is why Unity is so much more.

Julia created Unity because:

I’m fed up with seeing people following every fitness programme (including mine and ALL others) achieving results only to fail to maintain them for the long term, or even find that reaching their goals doesn’t actually make them feel the way they wanted to about their bodies and lives.

I’m tired of people telling me they get impatient to see results when it’s clear that in their current mindset, if they magically immediately got the exact body they wanted, they would not maintain it and would soon be back in the same exact position.

And I’ve had more than enough of people saying “I know what I need to do, I just can’t get myself to do it”.

As you’ll discover if you do take a place in Unity, saying this only shows you don’t really know what you most need to do.

For true, lasting and fulfilling transformation the body and mind must both change.


However, nothing is mandatory in Unity. If you want to only do the workouts and diet coaching elements and leave the rest out, you can certainly still achieve great fat loss, body-shape changing results.

The choice is yours. But if you embrace the inner work as well you’ll build a strong foundation to maintain those results for life, and gain so much more.


Why isn’t this included in my Online Gym membership?2018-08-21T11:36:01+00:00

Unity is a privately coached programme where each member of the group is hand-picked by Julia to ensure the group dynamic is as supportive and motivating as possible.

Julia will be on hand almost every day throughout the 12-week programme for you to ask any questions you have and to reach out anytime if you need support (via the private Facebook group or the site forums).

Unlike the other workouts in the online gym, all of the 30+ the Unity workouts will be available for you download and keep.

There will also be a 40-page ebook manual for you to download and keep and many more materials such as audio-podcasts with mindfulness exercises, guided visualisations, exercise sheets and more.

It would be entirely impossible for Julia to offer this level of personal support and download-and-keep materials at the £2.50 per week standard membership price.

Can I do the workouts in a gym?2018-08-20T08:18:06+00:00

You don’t need to be in a gym but you can certainly do the workouts there if you want to.

The videos play from any device or you can take along the printable sheets.

How much time will it take?2018-08-19T18:15:37+00:00

Unity is a 12-week plan.

The amount of time you invest in it is entirely up to you.

Like most things in life, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

But you can absolutely gain huge benefits from spending as a little as 20-30 minutes per day on Unity.

I’m not really into “woo-woo” spiritual stuff. Can I just do the workouts?2018-08-21T11:41:05+00:00

Anyone who knows Julia will know she has very little time for “woo woo” stuff!

Unity is based on solid, practical, proven practices – nothing supernatural or superstitious.

Mindfulness practice and meditation are about learning to use your own mind and direct your thoughts in a way that is more advantageous to you – that’s all. This is nothing religious, it’s completely secular.

If this is the question you were interested in, you will probably find that Julia is the ideal person to coach you in the mindfulness practices as you will not need to filter out any chat about beliefs you do not share. Julia’s approach is completely down-to-earth.

It’s likely you’ll be amazed to discover what a huge difference the mindfulness training can make for you when approached in a practical, science-based manner and practiced together with the physical workouts.

All that said, nothing is mandatory in Unity, you are simply offered a set of tools and it is entirely up you which ones you use. If you don’t want to do any of the inner work, and would rather focus only on the physical elements that’s completely fine.

How many workouts will I do per week?2018-08-21T11:43:57+00:00

This is totally up to you.

Julia will be on hand to advise you if you need her. If needed, she encourages you to create your own Unity schedule to best suit your individual needs.

However, to see real improvements in fitness Julia recommends at least 3 workouts per week.

Standard schedules will be available with options to do 3, 4, 5 or 6 workouts per week, so there is plenty to chose from even without further personalisation.