A whole-being plan for a rocking body, a clear mind & a fulfilling life

Do you dip in and out of fitness? Struggle to maintain healthy habits? Don’t feel great in your own skin?

For years the lean, sculpted body I craved was trapped under a layer of stubborn fat which refused to shift. I was constantly uncomfortable in my own skin.

But now, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m fit, strong, supple and more confident in my body (and my bikini) than I was in my 20’s!

Like the fat-loss plans I’ve become known for, UNITY is results driven. Expect calorie-torching cardio and lean muscle building. But I’m also incorporating the elements of yoga, mindfulness and even meditation which help me maintain the body I always wanted AND enjoy my life more than ever before.

In Unity, I’m taking it to the next level. Lasting change needs to start on the inside. UNITY is a holistic programme for those who want to make meaningful changes – for life.

Reconnect with your body & gain clarity of mind

You will burn fat and gain athletic fitness, but Unity also has the potential to transform your way of thinking. You’ll learn to calm your mind, gain more control of your thoughts and, if you’re open to it, find a happier way of “being” in life.

Before bringing Unity to you, I tested a prototype version with a pilot group of 99 members of my Online Gym. Here’s what they said: 

“The most effective programme I’ve ever done”

“Life transforming”

“My entire relationship with food has changed”

I’m finally starting to want to exercise and eat well, rather than seeing them only as a chore I need to do to lose weight”.

This is not for everybody. It’s for those who are ready.

UNITY requires effort. It is not a easy fix. It is on you to show up and do the hard work. But, if you’re ready to finally make some deep changes, UNITY will guide you to a healthier, happier place. Just think about what that means.

Lean abs, firm booty and sculpted shoulders are mere side-effects of the work you are going to do here (albeit side-effects that feel pretty amazing!).

Starting September 2018, Unity is a 12-week programme. Workout videos and coaching will be accessed on my Online Gym. To ensure every participant gets the support and attention they need, numbers are limited. 

UNITY is exclusive to those who are ready to put in the time and effort required for a strategic, holistic approach to building a healthier, happier future. 

Enter your info and a couple of weeks before Unity begins I’ll email you with more details and a questionnaire to determine if UNITY is for you.
I am personally reviewing every reply.

Nothing is worth more than a healthy body and a happy, fulfilled life