When You Think You Can’t go on…

This is something for those times when you feel like you’re at your limit, when you can’t manage another rep, step or second.

When you’re that point where you think ‘I can’t do any more’, ask yourself this:

What if you could?

This is a little mind track I’ve been using for years. When I start thinking “I can’t”, I think to myself, “OK, but what if I could? What would that look like..?”

Nine times out of ten challenging myself to demonstrate what it would look like if I could gets me that bit further than I thought I could go.

And going that bit further takes you to the place progress is made – beyond your comfort zone.

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I’m a big believer that fitness and fat loss is very much a mind game, which is why my Rebellion workout videos are not solely about me demonstrating the exercises and barking out instructions.

While we’re doing the exercises I chat a lot about how to train your mind for success.

I introduced “what if you could” in one of the workouts and wasn’t surprised when clients reported that they’d blasted through their comfort zones in the following sessions.

You should try it too.

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