Win at Fitness in 2017 by Doing This NOW

As corny as it sounds, New Year is a great time to bring in changes.

We can’t help looking back on the past 12 months and take stock. Lines are drawn, we evaluate and plan what to improve.

It’s no suprise that statistics show weight loss tops the list of popular resolutions and, although I often encourage people not to wait for some special moment to start on their fitness journey, for many the start of a New Year is just the extra bit of motivation they need.

Unfortunately, very often that motivation is short lived.

By no means do I want to discourage you, but the truth is that most “big” goals remain unattained.

If you want to make real changes to your lifestyle, attitude and your body, changes that last a lifetime, start small.

By that I mean that it will only seem small, because what I have in mind will take real dedication. The effects will be lasting and profound and gradually be compounded as you build upon them until those seeminly small changes become transformative.



Do this for 4 Weeks In January and make Your 2017 Fitness Resolutions a Reality

Instead of setting lofty long term goals that make you feel anxious or are unrealistic, start 2017 by committing yourself for just four weeks. Four weeks is enough for you to see and feel changes, to get into healthy habits and to kick start your year. Do this and by the time February arrives, you will be stronger, leaner, and happier. Think how good that’s going to feel.

By doing this, you won’t hit February at a point where your motivation is wearing thin and have your good intentions gradually slip away. You’ll have seen real progress and you’ll have already achieved your first goal!

Think about what that will do for your chances of sticking with healthy habits throughout the year.


Want to See and Feel Real Changes?

In my previous post I told you that progress in fitness happens over months, not days. Indeed, no training plan can transform you from size 18 to 8 in just one month, but what the 4-Week Breakthrough can do is transform your attitude, put you back on the fitness track, and set your New Year off to a great start.

Setting manageable goals doesn’t mean being lazy; it just means being smart. The one month long training plan will take effort, consistency and focus. But take it one workout and one food choice at a time and you absolutely can do it.

I know you’ll be thinking about where you ultimately want to get to, and that’s great. But lets face it, in previous years you’ve gone off hell for leather in January without a real plan or any milestones to aim for along the way and how has that worked?


A Plan for Your Level and Your Life4weekbreakthrusitehomepage

The 4-Week Breakthrough offers two levels of intensity depending on your starting point. The basic schedule will have you working out three times a week, while the full schedule doubles the number of training sessions. To amp up the intensity, you can also use dumbbells and ankle weights (optional).

Each session takes about 30 minutes, or closer to 20 minutes if you subtract the warm up and cool down. To maximise your effects, eating guidelines are provided.

Step by step, I will guide you through the 4-Week Breakthrough to a healthier, fitter you.  You’ll workout with me in videos and I’ll also answer any questions you have personally in my weekly Q&A videos.

The only thing you have to do is stick with it. Just show up. It’s a commitment of only half an hour a day in front of your computer, wherever you are, no matter how busy you are. And boy will it be worth it!


Start Creating a Foundation Now!

In 2016, this training plan proved a hit among the Gold Members of my online gym, so in 2017 I decided to open it up to all my Silver Members as well. This means that you have access to hours of unique online training sessions, as well as simple eating guidelines, for just £6.50 a month. Sign up here, and let’s kick ass in 2017!

If you join today you can start whenever you like. I have lots of foundational workouts waiting so you can begin building up your fitness base to really smash 4-Week Breakthrough in January.

Visit to join (where you’ll also find lots of inspiring transformation pics to help kickstart your motivation).