Workout For When You’re Stressed

Dealing with stress, anxiety, overwhelm?

Give me under 30 minutes and I’ll guide you through a workout that will flush all that tension and pent-up anxious energy from your body and leave you feeling emotionally calmer. Plus you’ll be about a million times more relaxed!

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This new workout from my ‘Workouts for When…’ series is split into two sections. For a 15 minute express version you could just pick one section, but it works best if you do both.

Section 1 will see you sweating out all that stress with a few very short (under one minute) bursts of energy. If one of the ways stress affects is that you just want to curl up and hide, you might not feel much like doing this at the start, that’s OK, just go through the motions, stick with me and I promise you won’t regret it. Seriously, it’ll feel like someone turned on a pressure release valve on your body!

Then in section 2 we’ll do some slower, more controlled moves that will feel just delicious as they restore your mental energy and clarity of mind.

You don’t need any equipment, simply take a few minutes to do some light warm-up moves then join me in the video.

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