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Julia Buckley is one of the UK’s best-known fitness trainers.
But at school, Julia hated PE classes and was repeatedly in trouble for sneaking out of school to escape the humilation of being the last girl picked and getting yelled at by scary PE teachers.
Happily, Julia later discovered home workouts and discovered exercise was something she could do – and even enjoy.
The real turning point came years later, when exercise helped Julia navigate out of the darkness of depression into levels of happiness and fulfilment she never thought possible.
As a journalist, Julia specialised in fitness for many years. After her book, The Fat Burn Revolution, became a best-seller she devoted herself to sharing her passion more directly as a trainer.
At 45, Julia is now the fittest and strongest she’s ever been and loves helping others enjoy the enormous, wide-ranging rewards of regular, well-planned workouts.


Sign up to an app with most high-profile trainers and you’ll rarely even get a quick reply from them personally.
For me, sharing my members’ journeys to fitter, healthier, and ultimately happier lives is what gets me up each morning.
You’ll find me in the Facebook group chatting with members almost daily.
Anytime you need help, guidance, or just reminding why you should keep going, reach out via a FB post and I’ll be there for you.