With my real-time workout videos, playable on any device, all you need to do is rock up in front of a screen, hit the play button and let me motivate you to sweat harder than you ever would while exercising alone!

No more squinting at apps or fiddling with pdf guides or bits of paper. My online gym is a website (not an app) which means you can play the workout videos from multiple devices, including smart TVs, your laptop, phone or tablet.

Workouts are short, often intense, but always fun and adaptable for all levels.

Comprehensive programmes take the guesswork out of fitness – they’re proven to get real women like you into incredible shape.

Very few other fitness trainers can proudly boast about members who love their workouts so much they stay year-after-year. My workouts deliver real, transformative results and make you feel amazing, so of course people keep coming back for more!

“It takes a LOT of motivation for me to exercise, but Julia keeps even me coming back! The workouts REALLY deliver results and I actually love doing them! Instead of shouting orders Julia motivates us in a positive way – we push much harder because she reminds us it’s our choice to get stronger and fitter, not punishment! These workouts have literally improved my life!!”

– Charlene L

“The first thing that impressed me about Julia’s online gym was her huge variety of full-length workout videos. Her friendly, enthusiastic, no-nonsense style proved a turning point for me. I achieved more in the first three months of joining than in a whole year of my expensive gym membership. Five years on, I can’t imagine exercising any other way!”

– Susan T

“ I discovered Julia’s workouts back in 2014. It was the first time I understood the effectiveness of combining weights with HIIT and I loved the results! It’s even better now with so many workout videos available on the website at an absolute bargain price. The Facebook group it is amazing source of support and it’s great that Julia herself is on hand to advise. Join us or miss out!”

– Joanna O

I’m known as a personal trainer, best-selling author and specialist in body-transforming workout programmes. But before discovering the methods I use today I went through years of struggle with my own body composition, confidence and self-image.

I was never a sporty kid, but got into running as an adult, hoping to get the athletic body I’d always dreamed of. At first I got leaner, but soon regained, despite increasing my mileage and reducing calories. It was so frustrating. I ran marathons… and then beyond. I even did a 50-mile ultra-marathon – constantly pushing until I eventually reached burn-out. Not fun.

Being a journalist I put my investigative skills to work and began picking the brains of fitness industry experts and sports scientists, researching for myself how I could get fit, strong and supple in a way I could realistically sustain as a busy working woman in her 30’s.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I developed a regime which transformed my body – and my entire life!

My body became strong, lean, supple. For the first time I felt good in my own skin… but it didn’t end there. I developed more confidence and a more positive outlook, even my thinking became clearer. I was blown away by the differences in myself!

After experiencing first-hand the life-transforming power of the right approach to fitness and self-care I became a personal trainer.

I’m proud to say that in the years since my workouts have helped thousands of women get into the best shape of their lives.

I’ve continued learning, constantly honing my techniques to make them ever more effective.  Now, new for 2020, I’m delighted to bring you my best ever programme – the 10 Week Breakthrough!

before and after fitness

Running got me some initial results but the methods I use now transformed me!

I originally got into fitness with home workout videos, now I’m super-passionate about sharing my amazing workouts with you via online videos.

You can do the videos anywhere you like, but most people do them at home. There’s also a list of all of the moves so you can do them without the video if you prefer – but I can pretty much guarantee that if you workout along with me via the videos I’ll motivate you to push harder (and therefore get better results) than you ever would exercising alone.

Once you’ve joined all you need is you log-in details and any device with internet access. Unlike apps, because my online gym is a website, you can access it on as many devices as you like, whenever you like. There’s nothing to download and you can view the videos on smart tvs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or even a standard TV connected to your internet device via a cable.

Choose a programme that suits your goals and you’ll have a schedule so you don’t even need to think about which workout to do on what day.

Just rock up in front of your screen, hit play and in around 30 minutes your workout for the day will be done. And you’ll feel great about it!

There are over 250 workouts in the online gym, so whatever length of workout you need, I’ve got you!

I have dozens of 15 minute and 30 minute workouts to fit into the busiest of days.

Or, if you’re looking fora longer challenge, I also have sessions which are an hour or longer.

As with everything in the online gym, the choice is entirely yours. But if you need advice on what’s best for you, help and support are always on hand via our friendly Facebook group.

I have more than 50 workouts where you don’t need any equipment at all so you’re fine to start with none!

I also have 100’s of videos where you can use equipment if you want to.

So, you certainly don’t need to buy any equipment before starting, but if you already have some there’ll be plenty of options to put it good use.

The main pieces of kit I use are weights (dumbbells or kettlebells), a gym ball and a pull-up bar, but all of these are optional.

As people get fitter and stronger they often start feeling ready to invest in things like (heavier) weights, I’ll be happy to advise you on this when you’re ready.


Literally hundreds of women have started my programmes as total beginners and finished in amazing shape.

For beginners, working out at home can be a great option. With no one around they often feel less inhibited to try new exercises and push themselves harder. I give very detailed instructions and my videos are packed with tips and advice for people who are new to the exercises.

Videos where the trainer exercises along with you makes things much easier for beginners – no need to keep referring to written instructions and wondering if you’re doing it right!

Plus, with my online gym you also get membership of our lovely supportive Facebook group where you can share the journey with fellow beginners and get advice from people who started right where you are and got the type of results you want. I also visit the group daily to answer questions and give support to members in person.

You better believe it!

I have dozens of advanced level workouts which I guarantee will push you outside of your comfort zone whatever level you’re at.

There are many semi-professional athletes among our members who use my workouts to supplement their training – they wouldn’t keep coming back if I didn’t keep on helping them progress. Many have got into the best shape of their careers using my workouts as part of their regimes.

I will motivate you to move faster, lift heavier and improve your power, core stability and mobility as well as showing you how to correct imbalances and movement patterns to ensure you stay injury free and perform to the best of your potential.

If you’re very advanced I may recommend a more intensive schedule than those shown on the site – just let me know in the Facebook group and we’ll put together a killer plan for you!

The online gym is available across the world. As I’m British and based in the UK the price is listed in British pounds, but you will simply pay the equivalent in your own currency if outside the UK. Payment is via PayPal so you have their protection and guarantee that it’s all safe and secure.

To see the current price just click on the button below labelled ‘Try 7 Days Free’ – you’ll be able to see it in your own currency in Paypal before confirming your subscription.

But before you pay a penny I’m giving you the chance to try out a full week entirely free!

So, if you’re not sure, don’t worry, there’s nothing to lose!

Sign up, have a good look around and do as many workouts as you like. If you cancel before the 7 days are up you won’t pay anything and if you want to carry on (spoiler – you will!) your subscription will begin once the week is up.

People with a lot of weight to lose commonly shed several stones/kgs in the first few months and beginners to exercise see absolutely stunning progress in strength and fitness. For example, the ‘Before and After’ photos on this page are all from 3-month programmes.

Everyone’s different though and your results will, of course, depend on you. But if you follow my advice and instructions you will definitely see and feel real changes.

My workouts and programmes are proven to torch fat, sculpt muscle and get people into amazing shape.

Make no mistake – it’s on you to show up and get your sessions done as well as supporting the exercise with good eating choices. I can’t do this for you.

But I’ll be around when you need support, advice or encouragement and being part of a community of people all doing the same workouts with the same aims will really help you focused and consistent.

I will never apologise for being a very results-focused trainer and I have a lot of experience in helping people transform their bodies. But that’s not all – along the way you’ll also find you come to enjoy the journey.

Many people join up thinking of exercise as a chore they have to do to get their bodies in better condtion. As they progress they gradually notice their mindset changes and they start looking forward to the way my workouts make them feel.

You’ll feel amazing right after you do your workouts, but thats not all – you’ll soon start noticing you feel better all day every day as you walk around feeling fitter, stronger and more confident…

From that mindset even more impressive physical changes always follow.

If you haven’t experienced this yet, you’re in for an amazing ride – I can’t wait to share it with you!

My videos are often described as the most motivating workouts around!

So if you need an extra boost you came to the right place.

Motivation is really about simply staying in tune with your goals and consistently rocking up in front of the screen and getting it done whether you feel like it or not… After the first few minutes of the workout you usually will feel like carrying on, it’s just the getting started bit that can be tricky.

We’ve got you though! The Facebook group is open 24/7 and I strongly encourage you to post regular updates there – being part of huge community of other people doing the same workouts AND regularly interacting with your trainer (me!) personally is the best way to make sure you stay consistent.

Seeing other people’s posts is really inspiring and people are constantly posting tips, advice and encouragement. You might feel like you have a mountain to climb, but you don’t need to feel like you’re doing it alone, and you CAN enjoy the journey!

Of course, there’s nothing more motivating than knowing that what you’re doing will lead to real results. Being part of a Facebook group where you meet people who’ve already transformed their bodies and got into amazing shape – and seeing changes happen for you – means inspiration and support is only ever a click away.

During the actual workouts I’ll get you thinking about your goals, I’ll talk about the ways in which the exercises we’re doing can change your body, and I’ll fill your ears with positive thoughts to help you find that inner spark to keep going.

Before you know it, you’ll find you’re performing way beyond your old comfort zone – think what that will do for your results, and your self-confidence!

10 Week Transformation is my latest workout programme, you’ll find more than a dozen plans to choose from when you become a member, but if you’re looking for a full-body transformation this is the one I most recommend.

In fact, it’s even what I recomended to myself! 10 Week Transformationis is based on a plan I created for myself last year when, following injury, illness and problems in my personal life, I’d gained fat, lost strength and fitness and needed a complete reset.

The results I achieved surprised even me and, although the programme has only been available for a few weeks, other women are now already experiencing amazing progress.

The science-backed secret of 10 Week Breakthrough lies in the carefully crafted combination of workout modalities.

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when wanting to transform their bodies is only doing one type of exercise. This delivers poor results at best, it’s boring and because it’s so repetitive for the body it can even lead to injury.

10 Week Transformation teaches your body to move athletically in lots of different ways, it builds full-body strength, true explosive power AND torches fat while sculpting lean, sexy muscles.

The unique 10-week schedule is formulated to ensure continuous progress, avoiding plateaus and accelerating transformative-change by constantly presenting your body with new challenges as soon as you’re ready.

The do-anywhere workout videos are just 30-minutes and you have the option of doing 3, 4, 5 or 6 per week depending on your starting fitness level and how much time you want to commit.

The photos below show the difference it made for me in only 10 weeks. Once the programme has been live for more 10 weeks I’ll add results from other women. But it worked for me, it’s already working for hundreds of other women, and if you’re ready to put in the effort required it’ll work for you too!

Here you go; nothing fancy – no make-up, no lights, no filters, no edits, just my 10 week results:

Julia Buckley weight loss
weight loss transformation - belly fat
weight loss transformation photos - muscle definition before and after



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Real women, real results:

“In six months I’ve gone from size 14 to 8 (UK) and dropped 12% bodyfat. My waist has shrunk 24cm and my confidence has grown hugely. If you’re looking for the best workout videos online, you’ve found them!”

– Nicola

“Signing up was one of my best decisions ever! The improvements to my running and general fitness have been amazing. Julia has a way of making me push harder in her workout videos than I ever would exercising alone!”

– Rose 

“Julia Buckley’s workout videos are addictive habit!  Along with enjoying all the camaraderie, support and accountability on the site, I have become fitter, stronger and leaner and I’m 6 inches slimmer!”

– Jennifer

Just hit play and let Julia guide and motivate you!

With over 200 online workout videos now available to subscription members, whether you’re a beginner needing guidance and support or advanced athlete looking for an inspiring trainer to push you to further progress, I’ve got you!

Cardio, strength, HIIT & power yoga are all included in carefully crafted combinations of training modalities proven to produce amazing results!





“Imagine how you could feel by summer if you start now… Let’s make it happen!”

Julia Buckley


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