One of the most common barriers for people face on the road to getting in shape is not knowing how to start.

You don’t need to know all the answers from day 1, all you need is get on a well designed program and to start taking those first few steps.

Julia Buckley Fitness member Sue Jones (57) is proof of this. When Sue first started exercising with me she was feeling unmotivated, unfit and unsure how to exercise in a way that would suit her body and goals. But she wanted to make a positive change — and changed, she has! This is her story, so far…



What condition was your body in when you first started working out with Julia and how did you feel about it?

SJ: I had already lost 26.5kg, from a starting point of 119kg, but the weight loss had stalled, and I was losing motivation. Up until Julia, I had lost weight by running and a weekly personal trainer session. I needed and wanted to increase the exercise, but with a programme that fitted around my working life, and which also did not require running. My knees really did not like running very much!

I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and was pre-diabetic  My knee specialist wanted to replace both my knees as they were both so worn out. The pain  was constant and their lack of mobility was hindering my exercise plans. At 53 I wondered if I could ever really turn things around, I had been trying, but I needed to change things and make it keep happening before I completely fell to pieces.


How long was it before you started to see changes?

SJ: I started with The Fat Burn Revolution programme, and over those first 12 weeks I noticed huge changes. At first, the HITT aspect of the workouts  really challenged me – four burpees would wipe me out. But within four weeks, I had doubled the number. After 12 weeks I could knock off 16 burpees in the time four had initially taken me. I loved the weights aspect also, and seeing my strength improve was really motivating. In those 12 weeks, I lost 6kg of fat and my knees were hurting me less, even though I had been exercising almost daily.



So how much has changed since you first started?

SJ: Fours years down the line, I have lost another 22kgs of fat, so currently in all I have lost nearly 50kg. I started a size 24 and am now a size 12, I have lost over 66cm from my waist alone. I have seen my body fat percentage drop from morbidly obese to normal, increased my muscle percentage to 27, and have been told I am no longer pre-diabetic.

The other joy is my knee specialist no longer feels my knees need replacing. At check-ups, he comments on my ‘lovely strong leg muscles protecting my knees.’

I feel great, at 57 I am probably fitter than I was in my 20s. I feel confident, powerful, and happy. My journey is still continuing, and at times it’s been bumpy, but I know the programmes work, so my faith in my ability to reach my goals is strong.

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What’s the most important lesson about fitness and weight loss that you’ve learned?

SJ: It’s a journey, a personal journey. You have to want it, and you have to do the graft.

There are no shortcuts or fixes, it’s a lifestyle change, not an occasional hobby.

The support from the online members has been invaluable, as has Julia’s commitment. You are never really alone. I have made some lovely fitness friends.



If you could go back in time and talk to the person you were before you started your fitness journey, what would you say?

suejdec15SJ: I have often thought about this.

I’d ask her to think: ‘Where would I be now if I had not joined Julia’s online gym and instead carried on down the road you’re on now?’

‘I’d say get started and stop worrying – you’re about to start a journey which is going to make your life so much better!’




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