The Autumn Shred programme is designed to produce noticable results in only 4 weeks - but it can only work if you consistently show up in front of your screen, hit play on the workout video, let go of your ego and push yourself to the point where you start to feel weak.

Results can only be earned in the zone where you are not already strong.

So be ready. Many of these workouts will be challenging - because they are result-focused. It's normal for people to need modify some of the moves the first few times they do them.

If you need to modify that's totally OK - and shows you are doing a workout which is taking you outside of your comfort zone - the only place you're going to find real results.

You can plod along doing exercises you're already "good at", that's fine if all you want to do is maintain your body's current condition.

But if you truly want to get fitter, stronger, and leaner this will ONLY happen by working up to moves you cannot currently do.

The choice is yours.

If you're up for the challenge, by winter you'll be so pleased and proud of yourself for pushing your ego aside and taking on something that was hard, but so very worth it.

Every rep, drip of sweat and healthy choice will take you closer to your end of year goal - relish that!

OK, no more chat, let's crack on. The sooner we start, the sooner you get that amazing post-workout feeling!

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