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You have full access to everything on the site - including ALL THE WORKOUTS  during your free trial.

The 7 day starter programmes are there to help people get the most out of the free week, but you don't have to do it unless you want to.

If you'd rather do the first week of any other programme or just try different workouts from across the site during your free 7 days that's completely fine.

You'll find them all available as soon as you log in.


Why am I setting up a subscription - I just want the free week?

Don't worry, it's definitley 100% FREE for one full week.

Simply cancel before 7 days and you will not pay anything.

If you'd like to continue with your membership (Spoiler: You probably will!) after the free trial your subscription will be begin after exactly 7 days.

How do I cancel? Is it going to be a faff?

Nooo, dead easy!

Takes 2 seconds - just log on to your own PayPal account and click 'Cancel' on the subscription (any problems just email Julia for help).

How much will it be after the free trial

A fraction of the cost of only one single session with an average personal trainer per month!

Annual is best value at only 27p per day - £99 annually. A yearly subscription cements your commitment. (Billed yearly, but if you only want one year cancel the subscription after payment.)

Monthly keeps it flexible, only 47p per day -£14.55 per month. Cancel after just one month or continue as long as you like - totally up to you. (There's no notice period, no contract, no strings.)

Remember, you have 7 FREE days to decide whether to pay anything. No risk, no worries.

What if the price goes up?

Julia will never increase the price for existing members. The price you start your subscription with today will never change no matter how long you stay, even when it increases for new joiners later.

Can I use the site without a subscription?

Monthly or annual memberships are best value for most people, but if you'd prefer to just pay for one day - maybe to find out if it's for you before setting up your membership - you're welcome to use a Day Pass. These are £4.50 for 24 hours full access. Click here to get one.

Is payment secure?

You're always in control of your payments and free to cancel any time. With the extra security of PayPal you will not send any bank/payment details to this site and they are not shared with Julia at any stage. Payments are simply sent from your PayPal account to Julia's PayPal account and are secured by PayPal's world-leading buying protection.

Sound Good?

Julia Explains More About the Free 7 Day Beginner Programme

(Watch this to see workout clips too)


Terms: If you choose not to subscribe simply cancel in your own Paypal or bank account before the 7 days trial period is up and you will not be charged. Refunds not available if you do not remember to cancel. You'll be free to cancel anytime during subscription, you will not be tied to any contract or notice period.

Disclaimer: This site is not a substitute for medical advice. It is your responsibility to ensure exercises are appropriate for you and modify accordingly. Participation at your own risk. The site owner takes no legal responsibility for your health and safety. Always consult a doctor before starting or changing the way you exercise.

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