Want to stop being lazy and workout?

You’re here reading this so obviously, you care about getting fitter and you’d like to workout more – that’s some strong evidence that you’re not actually a lazy person.

So, first up, stop thinking of yourself that way.

Calling yourself lazy, even just in your own thoughts, will only make it harder for you to get your workout done.

You don’t need to stop being lazy, you need to stop procrasting.

That’s the real problem, continually putting it off.


When Life Gets in the Way

No matter how much you scream at yourself to stop being lazy and workout there’s always something getting in the way, right?

Seems like it’ll be a lot easier to get your workout done later, or tomorrow, or if you start on Monday… but the right time never actually comes and the weeks just keep flowing by.

Procrastination creeps up on us for a few different reasons.

But the common thread is always letting ourselves believe it will be better to do the workout later.

Obvioulsy there are totally legit reasons not to workout, that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Procrastinating is not the same thing as taking a needed rest day or  time off because of illness or injury. If you need to rest for whatever reason, rest. You’re doing the optimal thing by giving your body time to recover – you won’t increase your fitness by not taking proper care of your body. You should feel perfectly OK about this – it makes no sense to feel guilty or lazy for doing what’s best for your health and fitness.How to stop being lazy and workout

What I’m talking about is a habit of continually putting off your workouts because you feel lazy or let yourself believe lame excuses.

It doesn’t feel good to procrastinate does it? Have you noticed how you feel kind of icky about it?

And deep down, even as you make the decision not to workout, you know how much better you’ll feel if you just get up and do your exercise.

But it’s a pattern that keeps repeating and you can’t seem to stop it – which is why you end up thinking of yourself as lazy.


Breaking the Habit

The good news is you can break this habit. It’ll take a bit of practice, but it’s really not that hard.

The first step to beating procrastination is to get woke to it – be aware when you’re doing it. Once you start to recognise what procrastination looks like for you, it gets easier to beat. It gets easier to talk yourself into working out, instead of talking yourself out of it.

Next time you’ve planned to workout and those excuses start creeping into your mind or you suddenly start feeling inexplicably tired (that lazy feeling) simply notice this. Even if you don’t get your workout done this time, learning to see procrastination for what it really is will be a powerful step forward.

The next step is to remind yourself how good you’re going to feel about getting the workout done.

Personally, I say things like this to myself: “Not one part of me will regret doing this workout when it’s done, in fact I’ll feel really good, I don’t want to miss out on that!”

Frame it as something that’s going to feel great. Stop thinking about the effort involved and instead think how much better you’ll feel in just however many short minutes it takes to do your planned workout.


Getting it Done

From there, don’t give that excuse generator in your mind any more time to talk to you out of it. Ignore the chatter and get it done.

It helps to think of this as a sort of brain training. The more times you ignore that voice in your head telling you it’ll be better to do your workout later the easier it becomes.

Eventually, although the urge to procrastinate may still be there, ignoring that urge becomes an unconscious habit.

Trust me I’ve been there, just keep ignoring it and that chatter in your head trying to convince you to stay in bed or by lazy on the coach gets quieter and quieter, until it’s barely a faint whisper.

Be ready for it to always take effort though. There’ll always be days when you struggle and don’t want to exercise. We’ve all been there. But the more you are used to pushing through it and getting that workout done anyway, the easier it becomes, even on rough days.


How to Hack it

To recap, here’s your plan:

💥 Notice procrastination when it’s happening
💥 Remind yourself how much better you’ll feel if you workout vs if you don’t
💥 Remind yourself that getting your workout done now will make it easier to keep getting your workouts done in the future
💥 Ignore the excuses and lazy chatter and do it anyway
💥 Allow yourself to feel amazing after your workout, really lap up that great feeling!

Got it?


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