Workout for When You’re Angry

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Feeling angry?

Then it’s workout time!

It’s totally OK to feel angry sometimes. But keep those feelings locked up inside and they can harm you in lots of ways.

Let them out in the wrong way and you might regret that too.

So, come and channel that energy into something positive and join me in this workout designed to release all that pent up tension to leave you feeling clearer headed, happier and calmer.

This is not “woo-woo” stuff, there’s solid science behind this workout. Exercise causes actual chemical changes in the brain which help us to let go of rage, think more clearly and feel more in control of our lives.

Feeling angry? Channel that energy into a furious workout! Click To Tweet

You need this – go get it!

We’ll do three rounds of the following five exercises:

  1. 6 punches, 1 burpee
  2. Lunge kick, squat dip
  3. 4 high hooks, 4 low hooks, squat jump
  4. Front kick, side kick, back kick
  5. Sit-up and punch

In this workout we’re doing explosive 50 second bursts of each exercise interspersed with 10 seconds of recover before starthing the next move. (50/10 second intervals)

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